Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear President Obama...

A couple of months ago the head coach of my daughter's special needs cheerleading squad had decided that we should try to get an invite to the White House. It would be a fabulous experience for the kids and once again bring awareness to all that our amazing children are capable of doing. So we all sent letters and included pictures of our kids. Here was mine:

Dear President Obama,

Hello. My 5 year old daughter, Jessica, is a member of The American Idols All Star Team, a special needs cheerleading squad that has been invited to WORLDS, a prestigious event that takes place later this month at Disney World with over 30 countries participating. This year they invited three special needs squads – only two are from the United States – and our team is one of them. I am not just a parent but also a coach. I know how hard these children have had to work to receive this invitation…it is truly a dream come true for many of them.

I am writing to you because we want to perform for you! In fact, that is our greatest goal. Please call our head coach, Kathy Catazaro-Perry (XXX-XXX-XXXX), and invite us to the White House to perform for you and Mrs. Obama. This would mean the world to the children.

Thank you for your time Mr. President.

God’s blessings,
Katie Cunion

Pretty clear right? Here is the letter I got back (I scanned it into my computer but this blog couldn't insert the letter as a picture so I cut and pasted the text):


July 1, 2010

Dear Student:

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate hearing from you, and
I am grateful for the opportunity to offer a few words of

Sometimes, we face challenges that seem almost impossible
to overcome. When you find yourself struggling, be reminded of the
founding promise of our Nation - that we as Americans believe all
things are possible for all people. If you dare to be bold and
creative, to love and be loved, to work hard every day, and to serve
your community, I am confident you will achieve your dreams.
(it wouldn't allow me to copy the signature of President Obama)

What the heck? If you are going to just send a form letter you could at least make sure that it makes sense. First of all, I am not a student. As I stated, I am a parent. Second of all, what is all this mumbo jumbo about offering "a few words of encouragement"...the challenge is that I asked for an invite to the White House. Therefore, YOU, Mr. President, are the current challenge & YOU have the power to help me overcome it by saying: "We'd love to have your squad come to the White House to perform". I wasn't looking for a lesson on overcoming adversity.

You might think I am just mad because he didn't invite us, or because I am an openly conservative Republican, but you'd be wrong. I am mad because this letter shows absolutely no concern for the letter I wrote. I know HE doesn't read these, but his signature is still at the bottom so he is responsible for the knuckle-head that he allows to read and respond to his letters. Very disappointing.

We have since been contacted by his Social Committee after we sent them a video, and they have informed us that they are considering our request to perform for the president. I still want the girls to have this opportunity - but as for me - I don't particularly care whether I get to meet our current Commander In Chief!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love is NOT blind

Yesterday I celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary and it got me thinking about love...imagine that. I thought of the old phrase "love is blind" and how wrong it is. True love, the kind of love that can stand the test of time, isn't blind. If you love someone you really see them - better than anyone else does. You see all their imperfections, know all their dark secrets, and yet you love them anyways. Love isn't easy. You don't just fall in love and instantly you're blind to the fact that they refuse to replace the toilette paper roll, or that they've gained a few pounds. Maybe too many people expect to be "blinded" by love and then can't stand the reality that the person their with isn't perfect. I don't know... just my random thought for the day