Thursday, January 27, 2011

Til Death Do Us Part

I know I'm the worst blogger ever because my posts are so far and few between...sorry.

Republicans and Democrats have always argued and disagreed - that's why they are separate parties.  They have very different core values and beliefs about how our great country should be run.  That, by itself, is not a bad thing.  Through debate new ideas are formed and old ideas are solidified.  Although I am a strong conservative Republican I don't believe that all Democrats are inherently evil.  I don't think they want to ruin our country or destroy the traditional family unit but I do think that some of their beliefs and ideologies would inadvertently do just that.  I know that some of my Democrat friends would say the exact same thing about me.  This has been the case for as long as we have had a two party system (sorry but I only count the two parties since there are the only REAL options). 

For some reason people have their panties all in a bunch lately about this debate.  There is fear that our differences are tearing us apart as a country.  I would totally disagree.  I think that people on both sides are angry and scared about the the same thing - the state of our great nation.  People need jobs.  People are scared about our national debt.  Money problems are the biggest strain on a relationship.  Let's look at marriage.  Most couples who are struggling financially will also tell you that they are feeling a strain on their marriage.  Money problems make us feel insecure, angry, and resentful.  We place blame where there is none.  As money gets tighter our fears and feelings of despair increase.  As a couple we fight more - and talk less.  Tempers are short and some marriages just can't withstand the strain.  Now think of our country.  If money problems can destroy what is supposed to be the most sacred of unions, what makes us think that our societal relationship isn't going to suffer when we are struggling financially as a nation?  Again, our tempers are high and we place blame where sometimes there is none.  But, just as strong marriages can withstand this strain, so too can our strong country.  We will get through this.  We may disagree on how we are going to get through this, but I have faith that we will.

So, there is always going to be debate between the two parties and there are always going to be "wackos" who do horrible things in the name of party loyalty - that's a given.  (To continue the analogy, there will always be a handful of people who kill their spouses - it doesn't mean that marriage itself is in a state of crisis.) Right now, I think we need to acknowledge that we are suffering as a nation.  We are scared about the future and this fear makes our debates even more passionate.  Republicans believe strongly that they know how to save this great nation - I would agree with them.  Democrats believe strongly that they know how to save this great nation - I have friends who would agree with them.  We have to keep trying.  We must stay passionate about finding solutions. The most important thing of all is to save this marriage.