Monday, December 21, 2009

I have got to be the WORST blogger ever!! I haven't posted anything substantial in forever. We are finally all settled in to the new house - I LOVE it. So here's my big news...we got a dog. Just what my insane life needs right? Here's what happened:

Let me make a very long story short...a coworker from JoAnn Fabric got evicted and had to get rid of his 11 month old chocolate Lab puppy. He was going to take him to the pound -- nuff said?? So now I have a new puppy named Sebastian. I went to pick up the dog and he was gorgeous! Very playful and sweet. It was love at first site...until I got him home.

We got home and I put his leash on him before getting him out of the car. He was acting very skittish but I figured he was just nervous about the big change. I walked him into my garage and hit the button to close the door -- it's a habit. He freaked out and lunged backwards pulling the collar right over his ears and off his head. He bolted out of the garage as the door slowly went down. I was stunned for about 5 seconds until I realized: "crap...I've gotta catch this dog before he gets hit by a car or totally lost." I bolted down the driveway after him - well, I don't know that bolted is the exact correct term for how fast I can move with my leg, but I was definitely going as fast as I can go. I was yelling at the top of my lungs for Sebastian - giving the neighbors a great show.

Sebastian was sprinting around the front lawn - luckily not running out into the street or too far away. It had snowed so he was slipping and sliding all over the place (tearing up my neighbors yard - whoops). He wouldn't come to me! He was terrified. I finally remembered that his previous owner had given me some treats for him so I hustled back to the car to get them. I'm not exaggerating when I say it took me 10 minutes to get this crazy pup to inch up and take a treat from me. I slowly slipped the collar back on his neck. Victory was mine!!

I finally got him in the house (he refused to go in the garage) and then realized that he was covered in mud - this day was getting better and better. Luckily he let me wipe him up before he went tearing around the house.

He has settled in some but is still the biggest fraiddy cat dog I have ever met in my life - poor thing is terrified of his own shadow - literally. For the first 2 days he growled at his own reflection in the sliding glass door:-) Still, getting Sebastian feels like a step towards having a "normal" family. So, say hi to the newest member of the Cunion family.

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  1. No, you're not the worst blogger ever, *I* reserve that title, thanks. :)

    Awesome for you to have Sebastian! How do the kids like him? When we had Sasha, she was scared of flshlights and used to bark at her reflection in the oven door... some dogs are just skittish. Remember that come New Years with all the noise!

    Love you,