Friday, October 15, 2010

The Soundtrack of my Life

I was charging my IPod and I got to thinking about how important music is in my life.  You see, I'm one of those people that if given the choice would choose blindness over deafness solely because the thought of a life without music is unimaginable to me.  I'm not one of those "music snobs" that only listens to classical or only listens to jazz...nope... I love it all (well, not the really heavy medal stuff where they are screaming vicious rants that can barely be understood - but that's probably because I don't really consider that music, but I digress...).  For me, the "type" of music I listen to at any given time, completely depends on my emotional state.  Am I sad?  Am I feeling sexy?  Am I angry?  Am I happy?  The right song can completely change my mood for the better or solidify it for the worse.   If you were to listen to my IPod right now you would be amazed at just how random the songs are, but they each fit a different emotional need, and I change the songs on my IPod accordingly.  But I started wondering, what are my favorite songs?  If I look at my ITunes "play count" I can see which songs have been played the most, but are they really my favorites?  I can think of a song right now that isn't even on my ITunes but is definitely in my top 10.   So I think for today I am going to list my ITune Top 10 Play Count Songs, and than my Top 10 Songs of All Time.  What do you think? 

ITunes Top 10 Play Count
1. Bring on the Rain: Jo Dee Messina
2. We are Family: Sister Sledge
3. Stand: Rascal Flatts
4. Wanted: Jessie James
5. You're Gonna Love Me: Little Big Town
6. See You Again: Miley Cryus
7. You're Not Sorry (CSI Remix): Taylor Swift
8. The More Boys I Meet: Carrie Underwood
9. The Lucky One: Alisson Kraus
10. 9 to 5: Dolly Parton

Top 10 +2 Songs of All Time (in no special order)
1. We Are Family: Sister Sledge
2. Seize The Day: Carolyn Arends
3. What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong
4. Bring on the Rain: Jo Dee Messina
5. I Will Be Here: Seven Curtis Chapman
6. Remember Me: Mark Schultz
7. Cheek to Cheek: Jane Monheit
8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow: 50 First Dates Version
9. World: Five for Fighting
10. Better Man: Pearl Jam
11. Adore: Prince
12. Let's Get it On: Marvin Gaye

Wow...that was hard.  There are several other songs that feel like they belong on this list too, but...I'm going to leave it at that.

Happy listening everyone!

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