Saturday, August 22, 2009


We have been looking forward to today all summer...
the BIG horse show. Both of my children ride at a therapeutic horse farm called Pegasus Farms. It is an amazing place and my children look forward to their year-round lessons as the highlight of their week. They had been preparing for today's show all summer, and with the weather cooperating, we had a wonderful day. By the way, both children did really well earning ribbons in all of their events.

The real joy of today though was witnessing all of the dozens of people who all year long volunteer at Pegasus. These individuals are so patient and caring. In today's hectic world it is amazing to me that there are so many people willing to donate their precious free-time to help special needs children gain some freedom. Without these dedicated volunteers, Pegasus would cease to exist. They do it all: clean stalls, turn-out horses, polish equipment, assist riders during lessons, keep the grounds beautifully manicured, and anything else that needs to be done on a daily basis. All of this for nothing more than a "thanks."

So, thanks!

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