Monday, February 1, 2010

Katie's Random Thoughts for Today

1. Saw the best vanity license plate ever: ILRD8U
2. Why is it that when I lay down with Jessica to get her to sleep, I have to fight to stay awake while I fight to get her to sleep?
3. John Edwards is a complete slime ball
4. Feed me and Love me - if only people were as easy to please as dogs.
5. Last season of Lost is about to begin - I've loved it - the ending better not be lame and leave a bunch of unanswered questions
6. My favorite way someone has asked me about my leg: "so what's the deal with the leg?" I'm not even kidding - that's how she asked
7. If given the choice: no Internet for the rest of my life or no chocolate...I'd really have to think about it, but in the end I'm sure I'd realize: "life without chocolate...what's the point?"
8. At a cheerleading competition this weekend - Jessica and I waited with our squad as the team before us finished up. They were an amazing high school squad and I thought to myself: "I bet if I still had my leg I could still do all of that!" Since we'll never really know, let's just assume I was right:-)
9. There is no better feeling than holding a child as they drift peacefully off to sleep.
10. There is nothing sexier than a man who is totally "in-to" you and not afraid to show it -- you can keep your "hard-to-get"..."totally stand-offish"..."you're lucky to have him"...acting guys -- what are you ladies thinking?

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