Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I know...I'm the worst blogger ever, right? Every day an idea pops into my head and I think - remember to blog about this tonight - and then the day gets away from me. If only there were a few more hours in the day.

Student teaching is going really well, but that's not really what today's blog is about. I decided to wear a knee length skirt today to school. The weather was nice and I was sick of wearing pants (that doesn't sound exactly right, but you know what I mean). I felt fairly sassy in my little outfit as I entered the school, but quickly realized that today was going to be filled with countless awestruck looks by little eyes. Just for the record, this doesn't bother me. I went through my day, answering questions from curious little minds, almost like a walking science exhibit.

Again, this doesn't really bother me...well, not too much anyway. Yes, there is a part of me that gets a little weary of being treated like a side-show. And of course, I would LOVE to have my old leg back. But, since my magic wand isn't working, that's not looking too likely. Here's the thing - in a lot of ways I prefer days when I am wearing shorts or a skirt. At least on those days people can see my leg and know why I am walking oddly. With one quick glance they say: "Oh, she has an artificial leg" (or as kids call it: a robot leg...that never gets old). In contrast, on days when the leg is covered, I actually feel more self-conscious because I know people are looking at me and wondering: why is she walking like that? What's wrong with her? On those days, I almost wish I had a tshirt that said: Fake leg. Get over it!

So today was pretty liberating. At least now everyone in the school knows why I walk so bizarrely and they can stop speculating. I will confess though that there is a part of me, the ornery part of me, that still has to suppress the urge to say: "shark attack" when people ask me - so,how did you lose your leg? What can I say...I'm rotten.

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  1. I'm glad I found your blog. You are so amazing, and such a great mom!

    I have a high AK amputation and know what you mean about pants when I wear my prosthesis: It is liberating in some ways to be obvious about it and not to feel like people are wondering why I am lurching around.

    There are several places on the net that sell t-shirts with humorous or sometimes pointed amputee themes. For example, take a look at shop.cafepress.com/amputee You can find more with any search engine.

    Good luck with your teaching!