Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here's the thing about having a is great when you have great anecdotes or philosophies about life to is NOT great when you let it go for a while and it just looms over your head. The longer you go without blogging the more convinced you become that your next blog must be a GREAT one. So, I've let this pressure build for too long & I've decided to just get it over with and blog something so I can move on and start blogging again on a regular basis. Drum roll please.....

Yesterday afternoon, I had just gotten behind the wheel of my car and turned it on when a sweet little voice came from the backseat and said clearly: "Oh, Mommy I can't see. The window is all f*cked up." Visual jaw drop! I spun around in my seat quickly and calmly asked: "what did you say?" Again Jessica said: "It's all f*cked up - use the wipers to fix it." I paused and looked at the windshield...fog...she meant fogged up. "Fogged up sweety. The window is fogged up." "Yes, it's fogged up - use your wipers Mommy- I can't see."

Kids say the best things.

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