Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Imagine you are out shopping with your best friend. You are chatting away as you wait in line to check out. It is finally your turn and the cashier says: "Good afternoon." You continue talking to your friend as if the cashier has not said a word. You place your items on the counter and continue chatting while the cashier quietly rings up your purchase. She tries to get your attention to tell you the amount and you continue talking while you hand her a credit card. Again the cashier quietly processes your charge and hands you the slip to sign. You quickly sign the credit slip as you laugh hysterically at something your friend has just said. Without stopping your laughter you grab your copy of the receipt along with your bags and walk out of the store with your friend.

Right now you are probably thinking - no one would do that - but they do. I am currently working part time at JoAnn Fabric to fill my day in Cleveland while my son is in school at the Cleveland Clinic Autism School. Every day people go through my check out line while talking on their cell phone and act like I am a non-person. I will complete an entire transaction without so much as a word from them because they are too busy talking to someone who is clearly more important than me. Make no mistake - this is RUDE! I am a person too.

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