Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stranger slaps crying toddler

O.K. so we've all been in the grocery store before when there has been a child that just can't be consoled...tears and loud wails ring loudly throughout the store. Most of us Moms have also been the parent whose child is the one causing this chaos. It happens. Little ones get upset and sometimes nothing will calm them down until they are good and ready. It is frustrating as the parent of the cranky child and annoying as the fellow shopper but no big deal. A few dirty looks and possibly an under-the-breath rude comment about your parenting style is all you usually have to worry about, but a Mom in Georgia actually had a stranger slap her child? I'm not making this up - read the CNN article. The Mom was shopping with a crying toddler when a man came up to her and told her if she didn't make her kid stop crying he would. The Mom proceeded with her shopping, mistakenly thinking these were idle threats. The man approached her in another isle and grabbed her crying 2 year old and slapped her 4 times across the face, stating: "See, I told you I would shut her up!" JAW DROP!! I read this article and was stunned & curious. What did the mom do? Did she grab the toddler back and start crying herself? Did she go crazy on the man - giving him a good slap? Did she run in fear? What??? First of all, you just CAN'T hit someone else's child - period! Second of all, is this man crazy? Doesn't he know how protective and insane we Moms can become when we feel our children are in danger? Even the sweetest, mildest woman can become venomous while protecting her little one. So for me, the story was shocking, but I can tell you with complete certainty that if this story had been about me the title would have read: "Local Man is Hospitalized After Sustaining Serious Injuries at the Hands of Angry Mom."

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