Friday, January 15, 2010

I was feeling nostalgic today and decided to look through some of my old photo albums -- one of my favorite things to do. I was reminded of wild times at OU - partying with dear friends who I still cherish today; fun times with even older friends from high school who I still stay in touch with; and finally, special times with my brothers and sister who know me better than anyone else and yet still love me.

It was the last one that stuck with me as I put the photo albums siblings. I think about all that we've shared and experienced together and how much we have depended on each other at different times in our lives - I feel so blessed. But I also feel sad. I think about my two children and their relationship with one another. It is nothing like the special bond that I share with my three siblings. Autism steals so much from you & sadly this is just one more thing to add to the list. There are times when they interact with one another, but it is rare and superficial. There are no long talks - no arguments - not even unions formed to battle Mom & Dad. I know they love each other - at least I hope they do - but they are missing out on so much. Will they be able to turn to each other for comfort & support some day when life hurts them? Will they share secrets and dreams with each other that Mom & Dad can't know? Will they cherish each other the way I cherish my siblings? I hope so.

I know they are still so very young and have their entire lives ahead of them to build this treasured relationship, but it still worries me. I am so thankful for my siblings - they helped me become the person I am today. I pray that Will and Jessica can someday say the same.

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  1. Like all sibling relationships, theirs will be unique. They may not teach each other the kinds of things that you learned from your sibs, but they are already teaching each other the value of tolerance in a society where this trait isn't valued nearly enough. They will become amazing people who touch everyone who knows them. They already ARE amazing!